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NOTICE: We are having a doll show in Missoula, Montana on June 2, 2018! Click the Missoula Doll Show link on the left for details.


Welcome to Bitterroot Babies!  My name is Kay Schrader.  I live in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of western Montana and I collect baby and toddler dolls, baby clothes and furnishings and anything Shirley Temple.

      I have gotten hooked on American Girl type dolls since participating in the Darby American Girl Book and Doll Club. Unfortunately, we have been unable to get enough girls to continue the club. After three successful years, it is a shame that there is so little interest in dolls in young girls. How do we fix this?????

We have a doll club in the Bitterroot Valley now. Nothing official - no officers or dues or any of that, but we meet whenever we can and have a good time. Click the Bitterroot Blizzard Doll Club link on the left to see what we have been up to lately.

 Use the menu on the left to see my personal collection of antique and vintage baby dolls, modern baby dolls, and Shirley Temple dolls.  Also included in this section are antique and vintage baby and toddler clothes, shoes, booties and bonnets.  There is also a page with antique and vintage (and a few modern) baby furnishings including cradles, bassinets, buggies, toys, dishes and books.

The Doll Room link includes pictures of my doll room--actually two rooms:  the sitting room and the nursery.

 The Items for Sale link displays dolls, clothes and furnishings for sale or trade.  This section is still under construction as I try to decide what I want to sell and what I want to keep.  I found a little bonnet that I was going to sell, but it needed a little mending and ribbons--so cute when I got it done, I decided to keep it.


We have a few folks in the Bitterroot Valley that are trying to organize a doll club.  If you are interested, please email.


If you have comments or questions, please send me an email note.  I love talking dolls!

    This is my Mother with her doll - probably early to mid-30s.  Sure wish I had that one!


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