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The Nursery

This is the closet in the small bedroom, future Nursery.  I had just started painting it.  It used to hold hunting, fishing, camping, snowmobile gear, as well as saddle making hardware.



This picture doesn't show much, but the small bedroom, to become the Nursery, was really ugly.  Hadn't been painted in probably 10 years, floor all scratched, holes and dents in the walls.  Yuk!


The Nursery closet completed -- painted, rods added, curtains with tie-backs made.   This closet is on the east wall and contains baby and doll clothes, shoes, socks, and booties that I use--I tend to dress my dolls frequently.
There is a 3/4 bath off the Nursery, which we don't use and have had the water shut off since we bought this house.  To save heating the bath, since it has never had a door, I installed a honeycomb room divider.  It really works well and looks nice.

Notice the "grass" painted on the wall above the wainscoting.

Dolls that I do not "play" with, I keep in these curio cabinets, on the south wall of the Nursery.  In the left curio is a large ByeLo Baby, a very large My Dream Baby, a Baby Shirley Temple, two Dimples, and a Honey.  In the right curio are three 1930s Shirley Temples, several modern Shirley Temples from Danbury Mint, and a number of vintage Shirley Temple books, photos and sheet music. 
This is the west wall in the Nursery.  Whoever put the drywall in when this garage was converted to an apartment, didn't know much more about drywall than I do.  The seams are just awful--not taped well and mudded even worse.  Since I didn't have the skill and didn't want to spend that much money, I chose not to correct the ugly drywall.  But I can camouflage it!  The two seams up the west wall were the worst, so I painted trees over them!  Everyone likes my trees so well, they don't notice the ugly drywall job!

I found the rug in a mail order catalog--perfect for the Nursery color scheme.

This is the north wall.  I painted this old dresser and store doll and baby clothes in the drawers and use the top for a changing table.  I use the old wicker baby scale if I need to ship something.  Notice all the bonnets on the wall.  I love those frilly bonnets!  Some are modern, some are vintage and a couple are really old.