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The Sitting Room

This is what the skinny front room looked like before it became the Sitting Room.  What a mess!!



This is the southeast corner of the Sitting Room.  The table in the foreground has two leaves that can be opened for a large workspace and has four folding chairs inside which come in real handy for visitors who come over to play dolls.  

Above the folding table is a large picture of my husband when he was nine months old and a smaller picture of him when he was about two.  On the shelf is a picture of me when I was about 18 months.

The small bookcase under the window contains all of my Shirley Temple movies.  

Notice the fabric covers over the ugly florescent light fixtures.


This is the southwest corner.  Note the propane heater on the south wall.  behind the curtains, which can be tied back, is a large closet with rods at the top and very deep shelves below.  I keep a cedar chest for vintage knit and crochet baby clothes on the floor under the shelves.  Some of the shelves hold cleaning and repair supplies, dolls I'm working on, and baby and doll clothes to be repaired or ironed.


This is the west wall, across from the window and sliding door.  This bookcase was built in the 60s by my father for my sister when she was in college.  It was really well used and showed its age.  I painted it, including grass and flowers on the drawer and top, and trees on both ends.  It displays vintage bibs, booties (and an few modern), and baby shoes.  The photos on the top shelf are all vintage photos in frames I found at yard sales, thrift stores and antique shops.


This is the north wall.  Behind the bookcase is the old door from the garage to hall way that used to lead to the house.  I put insulation behind the bookcase and now use the hallway as a pantry/storage room.  The pink blanket stacker was actually a towel stacker that I painted and attached a crib mobile to the back.

Some of the books are doll magazines, photo albums (documentation of my collection) and reference books on identification, repair, history, etc.  Also are all of my favorite books.  When my mother passed away, I got all of her books from the early 40s -- she was an avid reader while my dad was in the Navy during WWII -- through about the 60s.  Included in her books were our books, the books she and daddy read to us or we read when we were little.  These I put in my doll room.