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I found this 1950s era buggy on eBay - one of the first items I ever bought on eBay and was thrilled with the condition when it arrived.



I found this doll buggy in a second hand store in Phoenix.  Just too cute!  See below for the "after" photo.


I made this mattress, bumper, pillow, blanket and hood cover for the doll buggy.  Notice the eyelet lace and ribbon covering the wingnuts that hold the hood on. 
I found this highchair in an antique store in Iowa--$10!!!!!  Fortunately we were back there to pick up a motorcycle my husband bought, so had room to bring it home.
I found this doll sleigh at an antique shop in Chads Ford, PA.  Took me an hour to get the seller to drop the price to $40, then I paid $100 to ship it home.  Yes, I know, I need to see a therapist.  See below for "after" photo.
The sleigh now has a one-piece mattress/bumper and matching pillow and blanket.
I found this cradle in an antique mall in Columbus, OH.  Paid a bunch to ship it home too.  I've GOT to stop shopping when I travel--or buy UPS stock.  See below for "after" photo.
The cradle now has a one-piece mattress/bumper, pillow and blanket.
This wicker bassinet is modern-found in a mail order catalog of wicker furniture.  Another item I just couldn't pass up. 
Hope you can see this little photo.  This is the condition when I bought the buggy on eBay--got it for a great price but had to go to Phoenix to pick it up, but we had a trip planned anyway so I don't count the trip cost.  The big photo shows the buggy after I painted it and made a mattress, bumper, hood liner, pillow and blanket.