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Repair and Restoration Services

I offer limited repair and restoration services. I have been repairing my own dolls for many years and decided to get some professional training. In April of 2012, I took Janie Nafsinger's restoration course in her studio at Antique Child Doll Restoration. In March of 2015, I spent over a week working for Janie and gained a lot of experience, and confidence, working on many different types of dolls and many different repair projects. Since that time I have worked on other people's dolls and they seem to be really happy with my work.

I do not consider myself a professional Doll Doctor. I do this for the fun of it. I am still learning and gaining experience so I will only take projects for others that I feel very confident that I can do a very good job. Please email before sending you doll. Click here for Before and After photos.

I also buy, sell, and trade dolls, clothes, furniture, and accessories, single piece to whole collections. I set up a table at five or six doll shows every year, belong to two doll clubs and UFDC, and have many contacts for people interested in buying dolls.

1.    Advising about dolls

1.1. Identifying, determining value, suggesting methods/sources to sell

1.2. Types of dolls

1.2.1.   Antique German, French bisque

1.2.2.   China

1.2.3.  Composition American

1.2.4.  Vintage vinyl and hard plastic

1.2.5.  Modern dolls

1.3. Specialty

1.3.1.   Antique, vintage, modern baby dolls

1.3.2.   Shirley Temple

1.3.3.   American Girl and other 18 modern play dolls

 2.    Types of Dolls. I will work on all of these types of dolls, depending on the work needed

2.1. Antique German, French bisque

2.2. China

2.3. Composition American

2.4. Vintage vinyl and hard plastic

2.5. Modern dolls

 3.    Services offered.

3.1. Cleaning

3.2. Restringing

3.3. Repairs

3.3.1.   Missing or broken pieces repair

3.3.2.   Crazing, cracks, lifting repair

3.3.3.   Cloth body repair or replacement

3.3.4.   Reattaching head, limbs onto cloth bodies

3.3.5.   Full restoration provided on case-by-case basis

3.4. Eyes

3.4.1.   Setting

3.4.2.   Iris replacement

3.5. Hair

3.5.1.   Cleaning

3.5.2.   Setting and styling

3.5.3.   Wig replacement (stock on hand or new purchased).

3.6. Doll clothing

3.6.1.   Cleaning, mending, pressing

3.6.2.   Clothing replacement (stock on hand or new handmade or purchased)

3.7. Shoes and accessories

3.7.1.   Cleaning, repairing

3.7.2.   Replacement (stock on hand or new handmade or purchased)