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Doll Stories

These are some of my "experiences" associated to my dolls.  If you would like add a story, just send me an email and I will post it on this page with your first name and State.

TSA and DaKayla (reborn doll) - flying with realistic looking dolls is really fun, or not.  I took DaKayla to Phoenix to visit my sisters.  I thought the TSA guy was going to pass out when I but her (wrapped in a baby blanket) on the conveyor.  And of course they had to do an inspection to make sure the weight pellets weren't really drugs or bombs.  The fun part was when the inspector called a couple of the other TSA agents over to see her.

Flight attendants and Danika (Ashton Drake modern doll) - this time I was going to New Jersey to see a girlfriend.  I knew something was wrong when the flight attendant walked by for the third time and you could tell she was counting heads, trying to get the passenger roster to match up with the filled seats.  Once I confessed that Danika was a doll and not a baby, she was able to close the books and get the plane going.

Girlfriend's husband and Danika - same trip to New Jersey.  I had been visiting with my friend for a couple of hours including playing show and tell with Danika, when her husband got home from work.  I was sitting on the couch, holding Danika, and announced that my husband and I had decided to adopt and this was the new member to the family.  When I asked if he wanted to hold her, he got visibly nervous--he'd been smoking and was afraid he'd contaminate her.  Anyway, he held her for a minute before he finally looked up and asked "Is she real?" Thought my friend would die laughing!

Hotel housekeeping and Dakota (MasterPiece modern doll) - I travel a lot for work and frequently take one of my dolls with me.  Got to have somebody to talk to when you get lonely, right?  This trip I stayed at a small motel. I told the manager/owner and the housekeeper, who just happened to be in the office when I checked in, that I had a doll with me and not to freak out when they cleaned the room.  Well, only my third day at the motel, a different housekeeper serviced my room.  According to the manager, she came running to the office announcing that someone left a baby unattended.  The manager had the housekeeper call 911 while the manager ran to my room.  The manager remembered shortly after entering my room about my doll.  Not fast enough.  She said the police were there in a matter of minutes and she had to explain it was a false alarm.  Just a crazy guest!